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Hades: tweak recommendations

Suggestions for how to play Hades, an excellent single-player roguelike game.

published 2023-Aug-25, updated 2024-Feb-16

Using speedhacks in single player games

Explanation and instructions on speedhacking, a surprisingly handy tool in gaming.

published 2023-Aug-25

Witcher franchise: how to enjoy

Essential tips and tricks for Witcher games. Spoiler-free!

published 2023-Mar-20, updated 2023-Aug-25

Divinity Original Sin 2: how to play and enjoy

Mod recommendations and gameplay suggestions. Spoiler-free!

published 2023-Mar-17, updated 2023-Aug-25

Anime impressions: Parasyte

Thoughts and analysis on this surprisingly deep anime. Spoilers!

published 2022-Mar-08, updated 2022-Sep-05

Anime impressions: Evangelion

How to watch: Neon Genesis Evangelion, End of Evangelion.

published 2022-Mar-08

Anime impressions and recommendations

Periodically-updated gist. Check later for more.

published 2022-Mar-08

Game impressions: Mass Effect Andromeda

Enjoyed, highly recommended.

published 2022-Jan-23, updated 2022-Jun-19

Shorten your Go code by using exceptions

Go secretly favors exceptions. Use them.

published 2021-Nov-20, updated 2023-Oct-31

Always spaces, never tabs

Objective arguments that decided my personal preference.

published 2020-Oct-23, updated 2024-Feb-16

Hacks around S-expressions in Lisps

How far people are willing to go to get prefix and infix in a Lisp syntax.

published 2020-Oct-21, updated 2021-Aug-20

Language design: gotchas with variadic minus

Treating the minus operator as a function can be tricky and dangerous.

published 2020-Oct-17

Language design: case conventions

Objective arguments to solve case conventions and move on.

published 2020-Oct-16, updated 2023-Mar-17

Language design: homoiconicity

Thoughts on homoiconicity, an interesting language quality seen in Lisps.

published 2020-Oct-16

Warframe headcanon (spoilers)

Collection of Warframe headcanon co-authored with friends.

published 2020-Oct-10, updated 2023-Apr-11

Thoughts on The Egg: a short story by Andy Weir, animated by Kurzgesagt

published 2020-Apr-30

Tips and tricks: Doom 2016

General tips, notes on difficulty, enemies, runes, weapons.

published 2019-Apr-25

Game impressions: Doom 2016

I really like Doom 2016, here's why.

published 2019-Apr-25

Announcing Astrotips: video guides on Astroneer

A series of video guides, tips and tricks on Astroneer, an amazing space exploration and building game.

published 2019-Feb-22

Don't abbreviate in camelCase

CamelCase identifiers should avoid abbreviations, e.g. `JsonText` rather than `JSONText`.

published 2019-Jan-17

Things I would remove from Go

If less is more, Go could gain by losing weight.

published 2019-Jan-15

Back from hiatus (2019)

Back to blogging after three and a half years.

published 2019-Jan-15

Cheating for performance with pjax

Faster page transitions, for free.

published 2015-Jul-25

Cheating for website performance

Frontend tips for speeding up websites.

published 2015-Mar-11

Keeping things simple

Musings on simplicity in programming.

published 2015-Mar-10

Old posts

Some old stuff from around the net.

published 2015-Jan-01

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