Always Spaces, Never Tabs

Objective arguments that decided my personal preference

published Oct 23 2020

TLDR: always spaces, never tabs; 2 spaces rather than 4.


Objective arguments in favor of spaces over tabs:

  • Tabs break when copy-pasting. For example, terminals render tabs as spaces, usually as 8 (at least mine).
  • Mixing tabs with spaces causes indentation to break in different editors. People will mix them. Plenty of languages and editors don’t have autoformatters. It will always stay this way.
  • Distinguishing tabs from spaces requires special editor support. (Code editors can render special harder-to-see symbols for whitespace.)
  • Spaces are both necessary and sufficient. Adding tabs is adding complexity.

Objective arguments in favor of tabs:

  • Configurable visual indentation level.
  • Fewer characters and keystrokes. Not relevant in specialized editors; Tab and Backspace insert and delete multiple spaces.

Objective arguments in favor of 2 spaces over 4 spaces:

  • Fewer characters and keystrokes.
  • Easier to type in non-specialized editors, such as chat input boxes, which don’t have indentation shortcuts.
  • Highly-nested code fits better on the screen. Relevant for markup such as XML.

Objective arguments in favor of 2 spaces over 1 space:

  • Easier to distinguish from line wrapping. In some editors, when line wrapping is enabled, the secondary lines are intended by 1. With 2-space indentation, you can tell them apart.


Your preference is influenced by your display pixel density, resolution, OS, font family, font size, eyesight, and habits. Someone with a very large but low-DPI display is likely to prefer 4 spaces. Someone who writes code on a small display, in an IDE that uses 20% of the screen area for the actual code, is likely to prefer 2 spaces.

If you don’t have a strong preference, 2 spaces seems like a better default, based on the arguments above.

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