Updated: 2018-10-30


Open Source

Newer-to-older. Some stuff is omitted.

eth (Go)

Client library for interacting with Ethereum from Go. Superior alternative to the “official” client libraries provided with “go-ethereum”.

repr (Go)

Go pretty-printer. Formats data structures into syntactically valid Go code. Useful for code generation.

gow (Go)

“Missing” watch mode for the go command. Watch Go files and rerun, clear terminal on restart, hit ^R to restart, and more.

Sublime-Gox (sublime-syntax)

Go syntax highlighting for Sublime Text. Significantly better than the built-in.

Pending pull request to replace the built-in package: https://github.com/sublimehq/Packages/pull/1662.

Imperouter (JS)

Minimal pushstate routing for JS apps. Much more simple, lightweight, low-level and flexible than existing routers. Compatible with isomorphic server-side rendering.

Oxygen Economics (Go, JS)

Prototype for a charity crowdfunding platform. Purelab and ShanzhaiCity collaboration, work in progress.

Papyre (JS)

Build tool for static websites generated with JavaScript and JSX/React.

Sublime-Clojure (sublime-syntax)

Clojure syntax highlighting for Sublime Text. Better than the built-in syntax. 100% accurate.

Pending pull request to replace the built-in package: https://github.com/sublimehq/Packages/pull/1259.

Clojure Forge (Clojure)

Development tool for Clojure programmers, especially useful for Ring servers. Watches files, reloads code, restarts system, displays system errors on a webpage.

Posterus (JS)

Asynchronous primitives (futures): alternative to JS promises with true cancelation and scheduling control.

Espo (JS)

Utils for stateful and reactive programming in JavaScript. Provides Clojure-inspired reactive primitives with Rust-inspired automatic management of resource lifetimes.

Emerge (JS)

Utils for using plain JS objects as immutable data structures with extremely memory-efficient updates. Heavily inspired by clojure.core. Much lighter and simpler than the popular alternatives.

fpx (JS)

Functional programming extensions for JavaScript.

Prax (JS)

Framework for state and side effects in React applications. Heavily inspired by Clojure and ClojureScript libraries. Battle-tested in large apps since 2015.

Deprecated: has become obsolete after discovering an architecture that doesn’t require a reactivity framework.

Webbs (JS)

Adapter for native DOM WebSocket with auto-reconnect and offline buffering.

Xhttp (JS)

Pair of libraries for making HTTP requests in Node.js and browsers. Much better than all existing alternatives.

Alder (JS)

[unmaintained] Experimental rendering library inspired by React and Reagent. Represents view components with plain functions and DOM with plain JavaScript data structures. Undocumented.

Atril (TypeScript)

[unmaintained] Experimental rendering library inspired by React and Angular. Documented with flashy demos, but unused.

jisp (JS, jisp)

[unmaintained] A Lisp-style language that compiles to JavaScript.

stylific (Sass, JS)

[unmaintained] CSS (Sass) library/framework. Similar to Bootstrap, built on different principles. Accompanied by stylific-lite.

simple-pjax (JS)

Drop-in JS tool that dramatically speeds up page transitions on server-rendered websites. See the explanatory blog post.

statil (JS)

Simple generator of static websites.


ShanzhaiCity (2017—2018, Go, JS, Clojure).

Various webapps and websites for ShanzhaiCity, a US-Chinese startup aiming at making charity effective.

Render.js (JS, Node)

ToBox (2015—2016, JS, React)

Stylish, visual platform for creating online shops. (Part of web frontend team.)


Bolala (2017—2018, JS)

An e-commerce platform. Work in progress. (Note: Russian residents may require a VPN or SSH tunnel to visit the site.)

ProstoPoi (2014—2016, Python, Django, React)

Poi community website. We have our own video lessons, go check us out!