stylific-lite is a tiny CSS library that normalises built-in HTML styles and makes them more palatable.

Useful when you want a decent looking HTML document without any fancy-shmancy design.

Source on GitHub →


Copy the prebuilt CSS from this documentation and add overrides as you see fit.

docs.css →

Or, if you're fancy, use the SCSS source.

Install from npm:

npm i --save-dev Mitranim/stylific-lite

Configure variables in your source, then import the library:

$sf-body-max-width: 768px;
$sf-font-family-sans-serif: Open Sans, sans-serif;

// (Adjust the path if necessary.)
@import './node_modules/stylific-lite/scss/stylific-lite';

// Optional.
@import './node_modules/stylific-lite/scss/classes';


This is a lightweight companion to stylific

License: Do What The Fuck You Want To →