Game impressions: Mass Effect Andromeda

Enjoyed, highly recommended.

published 2022-Jan-23, updated 2022-Jun-19

Very good. Solid sequel. Worthy successor. Note: the game got patched, addressing many release problems such as faces.

Multiplayer is non-functional. This article is about single player only.




Competently done but lack charisma compared to ME1/2/3.

Enjoyed squad banter. Would prefer it not limited to Nomad.

Subjective grades: click to expand

  • Cora. Writing: neutral; voice acting: neutral; character: flanderized asariboo; appearance: Tumblr diversity hire (unfuck with mods).
  • Liam. Writing: neutral; voice acting: like; character: dislike. Jacob 3.0, more immature.
  • Vetra. Writing: like; voice acting: like.
  • Peebee. Writing: like; voice acting: like; character: grew on me; face smudge: dislike (unfuck with mods).
  • Drack. Writing: like; voice acting: like.
  • Jaal. Writing: like; voice acting: dislike (too many pauses, inconsistent fake accent).
  • Suvi. Writing: neutral; voice acting: got used to it.
  • Kallo. Writing: neutral; voice acting: neutral. Not enough dialogs.
  • Gil. Writing: neutral; voice acting: neutral; visual: uncanny valley.
  • Lexi. Writing: like; voice acting: like. Not enough dialogs.


Enjoyable 👍

Annoying 👎


Credits, resources, gear progress, skill progress can be tiresome, especially on the first playthrough. Consider using CheatEngine. Credits and resources can be easily found as 4-byte integers. XP and skills require mods, see below.

Use mods to unfuck the game. Requires Frosty Mod Manager. My mod list:

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