Nelo Mitranim
Skype: mitranim.web
Moscow, Russia


Autodidact. Senior software developer and architect. Main expertise: web applications, full stack.

Open source enthusiast.

Part of team at (, a software development and consulting studio.


Solid experience: Go, JavaScript / Node, Clojure, Python.

Limited experience: Rust, Haskell, Erlang.

Passing familiarity: Swift, Common Lisp, Scheme.


Decent experience:


Solid experience:



ShanzhaiCity (2017—2018, Go, JS, Clojure).

Various webapps and websites for ShanzhaiCity, a US-Chinese startup aiming at making charity effective.

Render.js (JS, Node)

ToBox (2015—2016, JS, React)

Stylish, visual platform for creating online shops. (Part of web frontend team.)


ProstoPoi (2014—2016, Python, Django, React)

Poi community website. We have our own video lessons, go check us out!

Open Source

Recent highlights here. See other stuff on and

io2: prototype for a charity/crowdfunding hybrid. Purelab and ShanzhaiCity collaboration, work in progress. (

Posterus: asynchronous primitives for JS with true cancelation and scheduling control (

Prax: reactive architecture for GUI applications (

Espo: JavaScript extensions for stateful and reactive programming (

Emerge: use plain JS types as functional data structures (

fpx: functional programming extentions for JavaScript (

Job Background

2016—present: — part of team.

2015—2016 (1 yr) — senior web developer.

2014—2015 (1 yr) Paragon Software — front-end web developer.

2013—2014 (1 yr) Paragon Software — support engineer.

2011—2013 (1.5 yrs) Consulting and Coaching — training manager (staff and project scheduling, automated data analysis).

Earlier experience: mostly technical support.


Attempts at a higher education didn’t click with me. Ended up with two unfinished:


Favorite pastime: writing and contributing to open source software. See

Highly interested in programming language design.

Location: Moscow, Russia (planning to move out).

Fluent English.