Nelo Mitranim
Skype: mitranim.web
Moscow, Russia


Autodidact. Software developer. Senior web developer, full stack. Main expertise: dynamic web applications (SPA with React).

Open source enthusiast.

Part of team at (, a software development and consulting studio.


Solid experience: JavaScript / Node, Python, Go.

Limited experience: Haskell, Clojure, Erlang.

Passing familiarity: C, Swift, Rust, Common Lisp, Scheme.

Prefer functional programming and functional languages.


Solid experience: cloud-based reactive databases. Currently using GraphQL with Scaphold (, also Firebase (

Limited experience with relational and document-based DBs.


Solid experience: web application frontends.

Limited experience: web application backends with Node.js, Python, Go. Prefer backend-as-a-service platforms such as Scaphold, Firebase, Auth0, AWS Lambda.


Solid experience: functional, reactive architectures such as Prax ( or Redux.

Not using anymore: MVC, MVVM.


JavaScript (GUI): Prax+React. Used some other crap I don’t want to mention.

JavaScript (Node): Prax, Koa, Express.

Python: Django.



Render.js ( (JavaScript / Node) ( (JavaScript / React) ( (JavaScript)

Call centre control system (2014, JavaScript / Node / React)


ProstoPoi ( (Python / Django / React)

Open Source

Recent highlights here. See other stuff on and

Prax: reactive architecture for GUI applications (

Espo: JavaScript extensions for stateful and reactive programming (

fpx: functional programming extentions for JavaScript (

Emerge: use plain JS types as functional data structures (

Job Background

2016—present: — part of team.

2015—2016 (1 yr) — senior web developer.

2014—2015 (1 yr) Paragon Software — front-end web developer.

2013—2014 (1 yr) Paragon Software — support engineer.

2011—2013 (1.5 yrs) Consulting and Coaching — training manager (staff and project scheduling, automated data analysis).

Earlier experience: mostly technical support.


Attempts at a higher education didn’t click with me. Ended up with two unfinished:


Highly interested in programming language design.

Favourite pastime: writing and contributing to open source software. See

Location: Moscow, Russia (planning to move out).

Fluent English.